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about Jeane and her ARTworks

25 years old, clumsy but funny with an endless fantasy.
I was born in Czech republic, graduated in my hometown from Photography and currently
I am living in Swiss Alps.


You can see a lot of different styles and abstract in my works.
And honestly abstract is my favorite style of all. Because each one of us can see & be touched by it in his own specific way. The psychology behind colors or even shapes of brush strokes ... is simply A-mazing.


I often mix many different mediums and tools, so my paintings are very vivid, colorful and full of life, definitely don't expect anything dull. 

While painting_edited.jpg

The best feeling in the world is when my art makes people stop, stare and feel whatever they need to feel.
That's when I know I am doing what I love in the right way.

a bit more ...

I was born and raised in Czech, and - surprise - my name is not Jeane Aaron. It was a pseudonym I made up when I was like 15, I guess.
It is mix of the middle names of Marilyn Monroe (Norma Jeane Mortenson) and Elvis.
Oh Dear, back then I just wanted to go back in time SOOO bad so I could be like Marilyn and loved by Elvis..  no joke, I still kinda do.

I love old times - old movies, old fashion, old music, everything about it ... even though I know these times were not easy at all and most probably I would not survive so long living in the country where I was born .. (2nd world war stuff)
but God, take me in my next life back in time, thanks. 

When I was a girl, I always said to my parents /and everyone I MET/ that I'm going to be a lawyer one day
(imagine, Haha).

mean.. I was born in Libra sign (strong Virgo ascendent for Astro geeks), so I do really have this natural sense for justice and order + I HATE when unfair stuff happens, but c'mon Nikola, .. not a lawyer. 

There is so much stuff that happened through these 25 years of my short-long life, so I guess better would be to write articles from time to time with different stories, (fun) facts and so on.
You will find these SOON in the heading - section  


Until then peace and Love,

Nikola aka Jeane

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