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do NOT stick with one style

First of all - art has no rules. The beauty and enjoyment in it comes mostly -again- from diversity. We hear more than often that we should stick with only one style in order to be recognizable, successful and selling artist. I am saying to you that you should follow your creative impulses. Be curious, be bold and not afraid to try every media. Explore, experiment, enjoy. That way you massively boost your creative mood and heal your soul. And that is one of the main purposes of art. Honestly? I can't tell what MY style is. Because I love abstract art, sometimes I combine it with realism, but it is not something I do every time I paint. Thanks God for the terminus technicus “Contemporary artist“ !

So, what I do instead of sticking to only one style? Depends on the moment. I grab a sculpture and paint it, I doodle on vinyl, or paint jackets, experiment with resin art, alcohol ink, then I design wall in my apartment with comics and so on... And it doesn't make me any worse artist. Just a woman that follows her inner instincts and voice. And let me tell you - it feels amazing to finally allow myself to be my authentic-messy me. It is something I struggled a lot within the past. I have put so much pressure on me just so one day I can be someone who is recognizable like Dali, Mucha, Rembrandt /you name it/ in the very first second someone would see my art. And well, maybe it is still not my case now, but that is okay. I am sure one day I'll get to the point anyway. Do the same for you. Don't let anyone dictate who you should be as a person, an artist,.. Because nobody is just the same as you. Thats where your power is. Love, Jeane.


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