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Bits from my solo exhibition in Zürich

Updated: May 19

Somehow I am still full of emotions that I have never felt. It has been a great great experience; I have met many different people from different parts of the world; artists, art curators, and creatives,... Some paintings were sold, and some are still with me.

•There are many lessons that I’ve learned,.. for example; my paintings were too high, so (my 2meters tall boyfriend and I were installing them - the result was not for short people😅🙌🏻). I had to re-do the setup on my second day; with Daniel on the phone, I knew how to have everything in a certain balance 😄

• There was a truck with scaffolding in front of the gallery for two full days, which was shitty and blocked the view. Still, people passing by didn’t have any other chance than to go through the street right next to the gallery, and it actually turned into a positive impact. 🧘🏻‍♀️

•I booked a date in between the holidays when most of the locals leave the town (nope, I didn't know this - I booked this date based on my mom's birthday so I could make her proud a bit😄). •There was a demonstration in the city on the last day, which caused me to finish one day earlier. But everything happened how it was supposed to, and even though there was heavy rain on some days - it proved to me how a cozy gallery, with me being me, was a nice warming shelter for those who decided to come and spend hours speaking with me.

• Having a first solo exhibition in a city where no one knows you, in a country where you started to live just four years ago? I checked it from my bucket list, and it was life-changing. ✅ Oh yeah, and I have news - I got a call yesterday that I’ll host a local Art therapy workshop in September. Whooo✨ Everything happens for a reason folks 🙏🏻🖤✨


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