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Even after buying the painting, I am still fascinated by the depth and vivid colours of the artwork. Jeane has managed to create a wonderful connection between the different elements that captivates the viewer.
The communication with the artist was extremely pleasant and professional. She took the time to answer my questions and understand my ideas, which led to a result that exceeded my expectations.
I am thrilled with my purchase and the overall experience.

M.K. , Switzerland


I am Jeane,
an Artist, digital designer and a dreamer.

I believe that everything in our life is a form of art.
Painting is an excellent way how to show and remind people the importance of anything. We are all walking different paths; so therefore - on my journey - I capture emotions, the diversities and similarities in between us with the help of brush and colours. 
Because no matter where we come from, what we do nor who we are.

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